Do You Have A Broken Spring That Needs To Be Fixed?

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You should be seeing a picture of a broken spring 
with detail about the mounting and the broken spot.
Click on the picture to see a larger view.
Hey, if your garage door won't open, or only opens a few inches or a foot, you may have a broken spring. Check yours against this picture to know for sure. There is only one good choice about who to call to fix it. Call Paul.


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The Great Price - $150 For Both Springs
That Includes Parts, Labor and Tax

Extremely heavy or oversized doors (8 or 9 feet tall) may be slightly more, for details call Paul. Most single car doors only have one spring, and those run $125. I advise putting two springs on double car doors that originally had only one spring because the added cost of a single high cycle spring is greater than the cost of the second light spring. The pair of springs also balances the side loading (end to end on the bar) and therefore reduces the wear and tear on the end bearings.

Springs are rated in cycles and have to be matched to the weight of the door, either one big spring or two small springs. They break only because of how many times the door has opened and closed. Each time the door closes the coils wind up a little tighter, that is get a little smaller, and the opposite each time the door is opened. This small amount of bending and straightening, over many many iterations, eventually fatigues the spring steel to the point that it breaks. Nothing that you, or your spouse for that matter, did can cause it to break any sooner or later. Being galvanized, painted, or caked up with grease will not prolong the life of the spring, just as the normal layer of rust found on most older springs does not cause them to break sooner. Leaving the door open part way does not hurt them nor does having something hanging from the door (additional weight) as this does not change the tension that they are under, only the amount that you or the door opener has to lift. (may be detrimental to the door opener but not the springs)

Some companies will sell you the cheapest springs they can at the cheapest price that they can. The springs I use are all rated for at least 20,000 cycles, about twice the rating of the cheap springs in our market. (Up and back down once is one cycle.) I do this job for WAY less than twice the price that they charge for their 10,000 cycle springs, giving you twice the life for a reasonable price. This is part of how I take care of my customers.

Some companies offer lifetime warranty springs, obviously at a premium price, but what they don't tell you up front is that the warranty only covers the part and that they charge more for the labor for the replacement of one broken spring than I charge for the whole job of replacing two springs.

Others look at the sale of springs kind of like the oil change places look at your car. Oil change places don't make their money on the oil change, they make it on the upsell, that's all of the other stuff they can sell you once you are a captive audience. So, while these guys are in your garage replacing your springs they will try to sell you rollers, drums and cables, bearing plates, and sometimes even the bar that the springs are mounted on, not because you actually need them but because that is how they make their money.

If they tell you they have to see what you have to quote you a price, they are either assessing you to see how much they think they can get out of you, or planning on the upsell mentioned previously. Both of these rely on people's inability to say no in a face to face situation, confrontation avoidance if you will.

Another broken spring, you probably recognize this by now.
This spring is broken also.
A single spring, like the one pictured on the left, can be mounted on either side of the wall mount bracket, and has to lift the whole weight of the door all by itself. Due to physical constraints this usually means that the single spring is not rated for as many cycles as a pair of springs matched to the weight of the same door would be. I can repair this either way you want, one spring or two, but in the long run the two spring setup is better for you. If you are selling your house, obviously the second spring is not going to increase the selling price so you may not want to spend the extra money. It's your money, therefore your choice. No pressure here.

You can't see the spring here. You can't see the spring here. If you are looking for your springs and can't find them, rest assured ALL garage doors have them, you probably have a Wayne Dalton door with their "special" Torquemaster Spring System. If yours looks like the pics to the right instead of the ones at the top of the page, then this is the case. I say special a little sarcastically because these are the poorest excuse for a spring in the market. I will convert this system over to the type pictured above for an additional $100 above the normal spring replacement price for a single or double spring application. The total being $225 for single car doors and $250 for double car doors. The next time around it will just be a normal spring replacement, and the normal replacement price to go with it. This conversion includes the bar, the bearing plates, the spring mount plate and bushing, the drums and cables, and the bolts and nuts required to assemble it. Again, the springs I use will WAY WAY outlast the Torquemaster springs, so even the additional expense will be justified. One more example of providing you with a superior repair at a reasonable, affordable and justifiable price.

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