This is Paul.


1.) Quality Work
2.) Reasonable Price
3.) No Scams
4.) A Repairman Dedicated To Your Needs

For the Greater Sacramento area PAUL VOGEL is the number one (#1) choice, no hustles, no scams. Paul is the honest alternative. If you are tired of wondering if your repairman is even going to show up, then Paul is a breath of fresh air, he'll be there when he says he will. Paul is not here to sell you a bunch of upgrades that you don't need. He knows how to do the repair that you need properly and cares enough about the quality of his work to do it that way.

Hi! I'm Paul. My goal is to solve your problem at a reasonable price. You can expect the highest quality repair (translated; it doesn't have to be redone in two months), at that reasonable price. I'm not trying to get rich quick, just trying to earn an honest living. As long as I stay busy that goal is achieved and we both win.Thank You

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