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The guts of a Chamberlain door opener.
The insides of a Chamberlain operator.
Okay, so you can open the garage door by hand, but the door opener won't do it. When you push the wall button you can hear the motor run but the chain doesn't move, or your Genie Screw Drive opener makes a loud grinding sound. It's Fixable. There is only one good choice about who to call to fix it. Call Paul.


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If you can hear the motor run but the chain on your door opener doesn't move then you probably have a Chamberlain, or a Liftmaster, or a Craftsman (Sears) door opener (all three are made by Chamberlain and have identical internal parts) and the gear inside (the big white piece in the picture) is worn out / stripped. When the gear gets replaced, the gear on the motor that drives it should also be replaced. At the same time the motor bushings should be lubricated, the end play on the motor (how much the shaft moves back and forth in the motor) should be set, the bushing at the top of the main gear shaft should be replaced, the contacts on the limit switch (that tells it where to stop in the open and closed positions) should be cleaned, and particular care should be taken not to over tighten the chain upon reassembly. Oh yeah, and the springs should be adjusted, if necessary, so as not to wear out the new gears. Done this way, the door opener will last as long as it did the first time around (usually 10 or 12 years). Most companies only replace the big gear that strips because it will work for a while and they are done in about a third of the time that it takes to do the job right. Paul does the whole job right for the affordable price of only $130.

What the caption says.
A worn out and a new Genie Trolley.
The Genie Screw Drive is another very popular door opener. The most common problem with this door opener is the row of teeth that engage with the screw eventually wear out, typically in about 12 to 15 years. This row of teeth is part of the "Trolley" (the black part that moves back and forth on the rail) and is designed to be the sacrificial part of the system. The screw, on the other hand, is a hardened part and never shows any significant amount of wear. Paul can fix this for you and adjust the springs if necessary for only $90. These were one of the best units in the marketplace, so after about 35 years of the same basic design, with a few upgrades along the way, Genie decided to replace it with something that is not worth buying at any price.

Whatever the problem is with your door opener, Paul can fix it.

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